Monday, January 23, 2012

Small is Big...:)

A while back I posted an entry about Micro Homes and wanted to expand on the subject with some additional images of small spaces...

take a look at the following examples of a simpler way of life:

this 'greenhouse' above is from Kekkila Garden, it's a prefabricated shed that's available in many configurations.. it looks like it may get mighty uncomfortable on a sunny day, but it still looks idyllic in the midst of all that forest..

This feels more treehouse than home, but I still like it.

nothing like an orange cabin to brighten your surroundings.

(images above from Apartment Therapy)
this home above makes me happy, in a Lake House sort of way..I'm just expecting Keanu to come and tell me that he's from the future, or was it the past?? Never understood that movie's logistics...