Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunny Daze..

Well, it's really summer now, hah! I only see rainy skies here in little ole' Waterloo, which must have gotten it's name from the amount of H20 that it emits on a yearly basis...Anyway, I'm optimistic,
I hear the sun is coming, I see some plants arriving and of course some rainbows here and there.

Check out my this years interpretation of Rainbows in architecture and design:

youth center and sports center by Koz architects

EmmanuelleMoureaux 01
Emmanuelle Moureaux's Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Shimura Branch.

Studio Aisslinger

Hotel David by Studio Aisslinger

(chairs image from Laissezfaire)

and you know I've got to bring it back to recycling right?  Check out this wall of magazines that
really makes you think twice before throwing those old issues away...

and on a last note- when the sun comes out we have to chase it:

takin' in the sights in Stratford...
(my daughter is pointing to a giant frog under the water)
strange hairy variety of peony flower...

have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Make like a Tree...

Tree inspired elements are coming up everywhere, as well as rough planks of reclaimed wood for use inside both residential and commercial spaces.  Check out the following images and see if you can find the forest for the trees....


The Tote a restaurant and banquette hall designed by Serie architects of London.

Tree Branch Book shelf - by Olivier Dolle

(images above from Sugar House Style.) 
BN Industries Eco-Friendly sculptural panels.

Black Forest Buffet/Presentation Plate

Black Forest Breakfast Cup & Saucer

Black Forest Teapot
Tree Inspired Dibbern pottery image from Meta Interiors

(Interior with wood wall image from Oh My Gosh blog)

(Wood accent wall image with Black accents image from Abigail Ahern)

In addition to all these woody inspired images, it seems that black walls are becoming quite popular in the interior design world lately, check out the following:

(Black accent wall image from Abigail Ahern)

(Black accent wall image from Oh My Gosh)

(Black living Room image by Abigail Ahern)

Lastly,this had nothing to do with the subject at hand, but I think everyone needs a
car covered with artificial grass...

(no need for water..right?? :))

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Ideas--and a little mystery..

The following images below are a mix of interesting and new ideas:

Braille Rubic
Braille rubick's cube, image by Grass roots modern)

Urbio's Veritical Garden made from recycled plastic.

Studio Aisslinger

Hemp Chair made from natural fibers and hemp by Werner Aisslinger

The Rucsac, a recycled material plant holder that can be hung anywhere.
(image from Fresh Home)

This faucet holds an led light inside that will change colors from red to blue depending on the temperature by Think Geek

Now you can be designer of your own pillows from InMod, check out the site, it's fun to play around with the millions of different ways to make your own creation- and have it made for you.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils Breathtaking Urban Art: Wall Sculptures by Alexandre Farto
On a side note, an amazing artist who has a way with plaster, Alexandre Farto aka Vilhis

Lastly, please check out this mini-movie, based on the true legend- The Thomas Beale Cipher. Not only is it suspensful, it has beautiful graphics-- and a mystery to solve: 

Friday, May 13, 2011


Kilims are a type of woven carpet that have been created for many centuries..Today the trend of adding a kilim to a modern space adds instant ethnicity and timelessness.

(After seeing how nice these look in a space, I was sorely tempted to kidnap my husbands prized 100 yr. old Kilim and start turning it into pillows...)

Here are a few examples:

(image from the Marion House Book)

(image from the Marion House Book)

I love the following kilims for their totally non-traditional coloring:
(image from Emmas DesignBlogg)

(image from design*sponge)

These classic kilims really pull together a room:

this chair is definitely fun:

(images from design crisis)

SO it  turns out I don't have to destroy my husband's old kilim, Sukan from Etsy
sells beautiful kilim pillows and remnants of old carpets:

(Yippee!!!! That was my husband, not me. )

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

kids play

Dr. Spock once wrote that "Play is the Work of Children". 
What better way to support their vocation with spaces that encourage  fun, creativity and exploration. 

Here are a few images of childrens' rooms that will make you want to be a kid again:

A home in Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo from Family Living.

(image from inspirational spaces)

(image from Life at Home)

(image from inspirational spaces)

(images from simply grove)

(image from lalalovelythings)

(image from Plastolux)
(image from decor pad)

(image from the design files)

(image from simply grove)

This is not a children's room, but a display of some of the latest kid-inspired fabrics from
IKEA for your next bedroom update:

Lastly, just for fun, some images from a book of photography all about the crazy things kids do, called the Family of Children:

and this was just too cute to pass up:

(image from Papier Mache)