Green Materials

As a result of working on several architectural projects that have pursued LEED status I have come across many new and beautiful green products for commercial and residential use: Here are just a few that would help on your next project:

Benjamin Moore - Aura Paints, give no VOC's.

Wood Stains, Concrete Sealer and Paints with little or no VOC's.
ECO Procote Soy base Paints and Stains.

Plastic Laminates:
Formica Laminates, Wilsonart Laminates

Teragren Bamboo Flooring
Forbo Marmoleum
Cork Flooring (from your local distributors like Home Depot)

I'll be adding more as I get the opportunity and some of you may be able to purchase from here. To end, here are some fun options that are more for commercial use, but are cool to take a look at:

This is a laser cut panel of 100% recycled wood product from a company called Interlam:

Or for some beautiful acrylic or glass panels from 3-Form Acrylics:

And if you are really into recycling, you can take some inspiration from this image..... :)

(in case you are wondering-- it's a chair made from an old stove- and in my list of "Questionable Recycling Ideas")