Monday, November 14, 2011

Street art- laughing all the way to Banksy...

I just recently came across an interesting documentary about street art called "Exit thru the Giftshop".

The film depicted the rising trend in street art across the world and some of the key players who generate art out of unlikely places and objects. I gained an admiration for those artists that bring humour and interest to the areas of a cityscape where formerly there was nothing of interest, often putting themselves in the path of danger and outside of the limits of the law.

Here are a few images from the infamous street artist named Banksy also depicted in the film:



  1. What I find amazing is the fact that, whenever Banksy does anything, there's an article or item in the newspapers about it and its artistic value. But if anyone else does something, it's vandalism.

    Not a comment on Banksy, but on media hypocrisy.

  2. fair enough, sometimes when I highlight a trend I fear that I am perpetuating that hypocrisy, and supporting something that doesn't look beyond the popular faces in media, art and architecture-- But I do hope it brings about some discussion about some of the hype of street art too. He's just a tipping point and a face to the 'art'. My real question is: Is 'street art' to art what the National Enquirer is to journalism or does it have greater merit to us ?