Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flaking out...

Well, I have this blog and I have the urge to show you something that is not concrete, but abstract and ephemeral, simple and complex at the same time--in other words, let's get a little flaky here:

Check out the following images and let your mind wonder....

This is an image of a chess set created by Yoko Ono, both opponents are painted white, it's from an exhibition I saw with my oldest brother in Houston. It has a very simple statement describing the piece:  How to proceed when the opponent is indistinguishable from oneself?

Abstract art by Book Hou (images from BookHou)

abstract art by Mars Cinq-Mars

abstract art with Ogaki typefont (image from Book Huo)

"Love Hate" typography image:

"Right Wrong" typography image

 (images by Andrei D. Robu)

See flaking out is not a can be fun, right?? Speaking of crime however,  in the early 1920's Austrailia's police force took images of people they thought were criminals or "were likely to commit a crime", take a look at a few of their store of photos that are currently in an exhibition called "Crooks":

i love the fact that this guy refused to open his eyes..

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