Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunny Daze..

Well, it's really summer now, hah! I only see rainy skies here in little ole' Waterloo, which must have gotten it's name from the amount of H20 that it emits on a yearly basis...Anyway, I'm optimistic,
I hear the sun is coming, I see some plants arriving and of course some rainbows here and there.

Check out my this years interpretation of Rainbows in architecture and design:

youth center and sports center by Koz architects

EmmanuelleMoureaux 01
Emmanuelle Moureaux's Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Shimura Branch.

Studio Aisslinger

Hotel David by Studio Aisslinger

(chairs image from Laissezfaire)

and you know I've got to bring it back to recycling right?  Check out this wall of magazines that
really makes you think twice before throwing those old issues away...

and on a last note- when the sun comes out we have to chase it:

takin' in the sights in Stratford...
(my daughter is pointing to a giant frog under the water)
strange hairy variety of peony flower...

have a great weekend!

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