Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7 Rules

When I see the black page of my blog it reminds me of a blackboard where I get to write all of the rules of the classroom for the delinquent kids in afterschool detention. So, kids here's your list for today:

Rule 1: try not to take yourself too seriously.

Rule 2: take yourself very seriously.
(image of Karim Rashid)

Rule 3: make things, don't take things

Lace Fence

(lace chain link fence that prevents burglars/climbing from Decor Addict)

Rule 4: be kind to your neighbor, not just the ones that look like this:

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake

Rule 5: work at success, not necessarily money success, but it's a wonderful life kind of success..
(image from decor addict)

Rule 6: try to express some feeling you have in another language.

(a bold expression of feeling thru color :)) from decor addict)

and lastly, Rule 7:  enjoy the weirdness of the world and all the beauty of it:

(image from design-dautore)

Alright, now write that 50 times each,  and I'll be back in a couple hours...

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