Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Atonement or a little wine with that cheese?

I feel I must atone for last weeks' cheesy blog post, so to get back to the nitty gritty of interior outlandishness:

Does anyone remember that phase in the furniture world of using faux suede on seats?? Looks great, but faux suede had a little problem: it has amazing 'Memory'-- meaning it keeps the imprint of whoever sat on it even after you leave...

 Well to commemorate such a lovely event the following chair doesn't even try to hide your butt imprint, but makes it the most 'memorable' part of the chair:



(images from 16th workshop)
Speaking of cradling your backside, Jon Edwards designed and created this rope chair out of 80 meters of rope he dipped in polyurethane resin and molded to create a simple seat:

he also has a foot in this: cork-soled shower sandals that help clean your feet while you shower:

(although that wire brush looks a little painful..)

Lastly, because we all need a little Winehouse with our cheese--

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