Sunday, April 15, 2012

I love Green...and everything in between..

Spring is here and I am reminded just how much I love the sight of new things growing and of course the color green.

Images above  from Young House Love

Clothing store Zara recently commisioned an installation of 3,000 pear, quince and cherry blossoms to commemorate the opening of their new store in New York:

(images above from Saipua)

some really lovely interiors images:

(images from Emily Johnston Anderson)

 And lastly, check out this famous (green) Siren:

Starbucks has opened a new concept store in Amstredam where it's not only trying out a new look- it's trying out new types of brewing and coffees.:

(looks fun to me, and of course there's..mmmm.. coffee..:))
(image above from Business Insider)

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