Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Part II - This time it's personal.

Okay, I'm back with more fun.. I had a brief stint DIY-ing stuff around my home. I found some chairs someone was going to throw away. Here they are:

They weren't bad looking just old and worn. I also didn't care for the wood stain color, or the seat material for that matter. After cleaning it until I was satisfied all the cooties it might possibly have were gone, I removed the seat and sanded down the frame. I then painted the chair frames a bright cherry red. After it dried I painted over the red with an espresso brown --not very evenly, so the red still popped thru in areas.

I had found an interesting quilted fabric that had a worn looking print of flowers that I liked..

and Voila! There's my big ole' reveal..
I think they look nice on either side of the fireplace, don't you?? :)

Alright I think my next entry we'll get back to some of the best of the oddest of design and environmental endeavours...
until next time!

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