Saturday, March 12, 2011

Typography trends and Concrete Playgrounds

I'm also seeing alot of typography used for everything from walls, to pillows to staircases:

interior image by DeCesare

modern interior design retail bar club office
(interior image by Nefa Research)

residence by Sixxdesign

wood alphabet

wood alphabet by bookhuo

Generated from demolition on construction sites, concrete comprises a large amount of the waste to landfills. However,when crushed down to a small aggregate that aggregate can be used to create new concrete or used for gravel for landscaping.

Recycled Sidewalks
In New York, Landscape Architect Tobias Horton has designed these medians using recycled shards from old  concrete sidewalks,

what do you think?

Recycled sidewalks

 I think I like to see recycled concrete possibly used in nicer ways:

recycled concrete garden retaining walls,
recycled concrete wall
(image by Everthing Gardens)

concrete interior walls,

(interior image by Patrick Weder)

concrete countertops,

(image by Concrete Elegance)

concrete planters,

(interior image by Patrick Weder)

roof top gardens,

The roof of London's Laban Dance Center building  is designed to attract the locally declining black redstart, a bird that nests in rocky, dry ground. To simulate its preferred environment, builders covered the roof with crushed rubble from old construction sites.

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