Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Elders, Peter Gabriel and the architecture of sound..

When you've travelled a lot, you sometimes appreciate a vehicle for travel that doesn't require an airplane, and for me often that is thru music...

I recently was listening to a old favorite of mine that never seems to get old,  Peter Gabriel. This artist has the power to create locations-destinations just from his amazing lyrics and music that he creates. 

Here are a couple of destinations you shouldn't miss:

 Mercy Street:

Solsbury Hill:

On another very different note, after creeping Peter Gabriel's website I found out there is a group called The Elders who are an independent third- party group brought together by Nelson Mendela whose sole purpose is to work out humanitarian issues across the world as a forum and try to create change. It's comprised of people without political agenda, and worth taking a look at.

Lastly I'll leave you with another interesting video, one to make you want Peace! 
Emmanuel Jal:

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