Sunday, August 7, 2011

Absolutely Verdant....

(image from everything in 3s)

(if anyone knows where this image is from please comment below - thank you!)
cuban interiors by michael eastman
   (image above from Michael Eastman Photography)

moss table, living furniture, ayodhya, green furniture, organic furniture, plant furniture
( Live moss tables, images from

Loving this rapidly renewable bamboo plywood- All in One Desk from MisoSoupDesign for tight spaces- it makes me want  to work yet strangely hungry at the same time:
K Station, MisoSoupDesign, workstation, bamboo desk, bamboo shelves, green furniture, green office furniture, eco-friendly materials, sustainable materials, bamboo products

Also from Miso Soup Design, this chair made of 3-Form's 'green' acrylic: Varia  Eco-resin:

Amazing luminous LED wallpaper with sound absorption properties from Phillips and Kvadrat Soft Cells:

green design, eco design, sustainable design, Kvadrat Soft Cells, Philips, mood lighting, ambient light, LED wallpaper, sound absorbing wall paper, illuminated wall

Lastly, because I still am on that Chuck Norris kick..these 'brass knuckles' will TKO your next environmental offender. Or you can just wear it as jewelry: Icelandic Moss ring by Hafsteinn Juliusson:

Growing Jewelry, Hafsteinn Juliusson Growing Jewelry, green jewelry, eco accessories, green product design, Icelandic product design, Reykjavik Art Museum, sustainable style growing jewelry, alternative jewelry design, green design iceland, eco-friendly jewelry, micro gardening, eco design jewelry
Just imagining what I should say when I wear this...Don't mess with me or I'll go green on your a**...
(hmm, I guess I'll work on it.) 

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