Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amwaj, Ebru and the Letter A.

The  word 'Amwaj' in arabic means literally translated: 'Waves of Emotion'
I was so amazed to learn a single word could mean so much. Take a look at the following images and see what the wave can translate into:

This beautifully wavy-lined marble called Arundel can be sourced from Ann Sacks:

this amazing marble is called Pantano:

which reminds me alot of Ebru; the ancient art of  Paper Marbling as seen below:

also, the wave translated into the following furniture pieces by BookHuo

and these stools by Harry & Camila

as well as their vases:

and well this had nothing to do with the beauty of the wave, but just a beautiful way to make use of the A-frame: a home reno in Bruges by Room &Room Architecture:

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