Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tree House and Dovecoat Studio

This is a ten story tree house in Tennessee  built by Horace Burgess, a landscape architect. It is currently the world's tallest tree house to date. Constructed over 14 years, the tree house is built around an 80 foot tall white oak tree with a diameter of 12 feet, with 6 other trees that act as pillars supporting the structure.   The house itself is built with only salvaged materials. (source: inhabit)

This is the Dovecoat Studio by Haworth Tompkins. The Dovecote is part of Tompkin’s phased extension of the campus for Aldeburgh Music and inhabits the ruins of a dovecote (a structure intended to house birds or doves) overlooking the marshes and greenery on the site.

The single volume of the studio will be used by artists in residence, there is a second level for a possible sleeping area, and a small kitchen on the first floor.  This can also be used for musicians to use for rehearsal or performance space as well as for meetings or as a temporary exhibition space.

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