Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pornography industry expands...

I was recently looking for images of stairs for work and found a site called, Stair Porn, and to see so many images of stairs redefining what staircases were meant to look like or do was pretty gratifying to see. Then I thought who else in the world of architecture and design has gotten into the pornography industry?? Then I happened to find bookshelf porn as well as furniture porn, (which was hilarious and i will not link to... you go find it yourself), but anyway...

Please take a look at the following images and enjoy a few moments sheer undulterated, viewing pleasure...:)

glass alternating tread stair

Cells Staircase

(images from Stair Porn)


Bookcase With An Amazing Curved Frame – Sherwood by Khaos | DigsDigs


antistatic: I need a hidden room. Or a hidden staircase that leads to an office. 

book cases & secret passageways? nothing better


(images above from Bookshelf Porn)

On a side note, Musashino Art University Library made completely from Bookshelves...

and lastly, because it just looked too funny, what I can only think to call: The Weeping Bookshelf:

Sad Bookshelf is :(
(via Make) 
(image from Bookshelf Porn)

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