Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Micro Homes

Last Friday at work a designer from Guelph dropped in and introduced himself as a designer of Microhomes: really small but efficient homes that are being used around the world for low cost housing. This got me interested, so I looked around and found Tumbleweed Homes that has a similar type of micro homes that are all no larger than 837 sf.

Here's an example:

The Popomo at 127 sf. is clad with hot-rolled corrosion proof steel:

The interior is quite minimal:

The Floor plan:

The Tarleton Home is clad with corrugated aluminum siding, to build it yourself the cost for this house is
$21,250, or to have it built for you is $49,995:

The kitchen:

The dining area: 

The Sebasterosa is one of the larger homes at 750 sf.:

The Loring is 261 sf with a loft bedroom.:

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