Friday, April 1, 2011

Designer Focus: B.I.G.

Let's take a look at Mr. B.I.G.--- not Carrie's boyfriend--  the architect Bjarke Ingels and his firm: Bjarke Ingels Group.

B.I.G. is definitely beautiful, and is creating the next architectural icons of this generation- through thoughtful concepts, fearless architecture, and flashy graphic appeal.

Take a look at some of their projects from their website- They include captivating animations of their buildings and clearly defined design concepts.

Here are just a few examples of  B.I.G.'s work:

The Ren- People's Building Shanghai, a hotel, sports and conference center: comprised of two buildings that merge together to form the Chinese character meaning 'People':

The Greenland National Gallery of Art, looks like a simple donut shape from above,
but when one sees the building from the ground the true complexity of it's form is shown.

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