Friday, May 13, 2011


Kilims are a type of woven carpet that have been created for many centuries..Today the trend of adding a kilim to a modern space adds instant ethnicity and timelessness.

(After seeing how nice these look in a space, I was sorely tempted to kidnap my husbands prized 100 yr. old Kilim and start turning it into pillows...)

Here are a few examples:

(image from the Marion House Book)

(image from the Marion House Book)

I love the following kilims for their totally non-traditional coloring:
(image from Emmas DesignBlogg)

(image from design*sponge)

These classic kilims really pull together a room:

this chair is definitely fun:

(images from design crisis)

SO it  turns out I don't have to destroy my husband's old kilim, Sukan from Etsy
sells beautiful kilim pillows and remnants of old carpets:

(Yippee!!!! That was my husband, not me. )

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