Monday, May 16, 2011

New Ideas--and a little mystery..

The following images below are a mix of interesting and new ideas:

Braille Rubic
Braille rubick's cube, image by Grass roots modern)

Urbio's Veritical Garden made from recycled plastic.

Studio Aisslinger

Hemp Chair made from natural fibers and hemp by Werner Aisslinger

The Rucsac, a recycled material plant holder that can be hung anywhere.
(image from Fresh Home)

This faucet holds an led light inside that will change colors from red to blue depending on the temperature by Think Geek

Now you can be designer of your own pillows from InMod, check out the site, it's fun to play around with the millions of different ways to make your own creation- and have it made for you.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils Breathtaking Urban Art: Wall Sculptures by Alexandre Farto
On a side note, an amazing artist who has a way with plaster, Alexandre Farto aka Vilhis

Lastly, please check out this mini-movie, based on the true legend- The Thomas Beale Cipher. Not only is it suspensful, it has beautiful graphics-- and a mystery to solve: 

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