Friday, February 18, 2011

Days in Abu Dhabi

 About six years ago, my husband, my son, and I moved to Abu Dhabi to experience a new way of life. We stayed three years there and found it to be a part of our lives that we would always compare to everything we've encountered since. I'm posting some of the places that most represent Abu Dhabi (and Dubai) as well as the works of Katrin Greiling, an interior architect whose works and images of Dubai really remind me of the mystique and intrigue of life in a 'cosmopolitan' Middle Eastern city.

And here's an image of  Katrin Greiling's art exhibition, in the same place I am standing in this picture.

as well as her images of Dubai buildings in progress:

and a cool way to 'represent' an Abaya (the long black dress/ cover that signifies the national costume of women in UAE):

and while you are enjoying a view of the Middle East, why not have a listen to this wonderful ambient music from Sami Takiedden:

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