Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lit from Within..

Lamps. I used to watch the TV Series Heroes only because of the lamps they kept changing for every episode. A lamp is truly one of the best indicators of what kind of personality you are housing in a space. Think of the idea of people who put on a lampshade at parties...they're drunk enough to let their true self show--

Take a look at the following image of Lamps I've found and tell me what it tells you about a person who uses this source of illumination:

Giuko1 Table Lamp by Itre

Retort Lamp by Style Garage

Binic by Foscarini

Glass Jug Table Lamp

Glass Jug Lamp by West Elm

Estiluz M-5807 Infiore Table Lamp & Estiluz Table Lamps | YLighting

M-5807 Infiore Table Lamp by Estiluz

Anastacha Table Lamp, Lamps & Terzani Anastacha Table Lamps | YLighting

Anastacha Table Lamp by Terzani

Bokka Table Lamp, Bokka Table Lamps & Kundalini Bokka Lamps | YLighting
Bokka Table Lamp by Karim Rashid

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