Friday, February 11, 2011

Going for the gold!

Well, I'm noticing some serious similarities in color trend in every design magazine lately and in the retail world, look at the following images:

(sourced from: Elle Decor, Interior Design Magazine, and Architectural Digest)

If you're seeing gold, then you're not alone, Gold is golden right now and I think it's taken on a new vibe, cooling it's jets next to serene whites and charcoal grays.

Now if you want that golden yellow translated into something you can take to your paint store, check out the following colors:

Pittsburg Paints: Golden Buttercup 213-5, October Sunset ATC-17, Yarrow 212-6
Beautitone Paints: Simon Chang Collection: SC021 Halogen Yellow
Benjamin Moore: Sunshine, 2021-30

and for some wonderful grays check out:

Benjamin Moore: 2124-10 Wrought Iron, or 2112-40 Stone
Sherwin Williams:  Intellectual Gray SW 7045

and start small, because a little gold goes a long way!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Thom Filicia's fabric collection in the middle photo. I cannot wait to use it on a project.

    And thanks for your Revit feedback.

  2. Thanks Kylie! Those fabrics are just wonderful. Since I'm on the commercial side I don't get to use such beautiful fabrics as much-- However, I just presented Shaw's new carpet tiles (top image) for a project for an insulation company, whose main product was that yellow ochre/gold, so once I saw that, I started seeing that colour everywhere. :)