Saturday, February 19, 2011

Interiors in White and Green

Now I love colour, but I'm really beginning to love the serenity and simplicity of a monochrome palette. Note the use of wood, stone and glass as the only other break from this interior 'white washing':

Interior Stair of 15 degrees off-White House by Paul McAneary

Interior Images by David Jameson

Interior Image by I29 Interior Architects

Interior Image by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger for Walter Knoll

Spout Run Residence by David Jameson

Home Interior by Campos Leckie Studio

And for a little graphic texture to add to that all-white palette:

Knitted Wallpaper and Fabrics by  Chae Young Kim

And for the Green:

Green Wall hangings by Monamour Green Design, living wall hangings of moss and plantlife that feed off a sugar based resin in the frame that require no water!

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