Friday, February 25, 2011

Shipping Containers..

Did you know that Shipping Containers can be used for more than moving your furniture overseas?

Shipping Containers are abundant and inexpensive, one can even order a Container online , they come in sizes 20' or 40', you can expect a price of about $1500 to $3000 per container (transport cost extra).

Containers are being used to create homes, office buildings and sports facilities around the world, and are becoming a popular alternative to traditional construction.

Just imagine, because of their construction they are extremely durable against seismic activity, how great would that be in a country that is prone to earthquakes? In the images below, the architect has cut out openings for windows, doors, and created an amazing home-- the ultimate reuse from an economical product into a durable shelter. Can you imagine what could be done with such an abundant, affordable item--maybe for housing in underpriviledged countries?? Clemson University, School of Architecture's Doug Hecker thinks it could be, and has come up with some ideas on how to create it. Rensselear Polytechnic Institute has also jumped on the bandwagon- their Architecture students created a mock-up emergency medical facility for possible use in a places like Haiti.

This is an artist's residence by Urban Space Management that was installed in only 4 days:

cove park

and this medical facility was designed also by Urban Space Mgmt.

Pinchin Street

as well as this Sport Facility in London, England

Dunraven Sports Hall

Here's a video describing Rensselear's Architecture students container mock-up:

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