Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Products!

I've recently discovered a wonderful site called re: Modern that has these great environmentally friendly items for home or office that can be purchased online:

Check out this Accoustic wall paneling, which not only will add a lot of texture to a wall, but will also help absorb sound.

or these Sculptural Wall Tiles that also give texture and color at an extremely affordable price:

This light fixture is just fantastic, the shade comes fully flat and you just bend the portions you want to create your own custom shade- It's called the Bendant...get it, 'bend'-ant:

Bendant Hanging Light

This modular wall is called the Nomad, made from recycled double-wall cardboard, it can be adjusted however high or wide you want to create a division from one room to another.

Also, check out these clever products from DesignJOO a designer whose created pieces really reflect a beautiful mind:

Flash drive glasses!

This adjustable sofa, The V-Two, can be pushed together and pulled apart depending on your space requirements.

Alright, go ahead, put me on a pedestal-- as long as it's DesignJoo's very comfortable looking, Honey Bee Stool..

And when you can't figure out what to wear, United Nude has these amazing shoes whose texture is based on low resolution scanned images, here's the Lo Res:

and these fabulous heels were designed with Charles and Ray Eames in mind:


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