Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recycle this!

I was telling a good friend that I am really interested in recycling materials for use in interior design and he laughed and said,
"You like recycling?? Look around you, I recycle Everything" and proceeded to tell me how he has bought and sold almost 75% of his furniture online from a site called Kijiji . Now for those of you who don't know Kijiji, it's basically a toned down Ebay for Ontario- Canada. There's no bidding war, but a huge amount of people selling everything they can think of. Well, he had found some wonderful vintage pieces for his of course I immediately checked it out and found some great finds I'd like to share with you:

Check out this wonderful, old cart table that is currently selling for $800 at Restoration Hardware, but also being sold on Kijiji by someone who has an abundance of these carts from a factory. He's selling them for $300 (and willing to deliver them too!)

If that doesn't whet your appetite for online shopping, check out this find for $300, a teak topped vintage tulip base table w/ two aluminum framed chairs. A similar table sells at Design Within Reach for nearly $3,000(Saarinen Table, with Rosewood Top):

And while you're refurbishing your home to echo the past with new finds, check out this wonderful purveyor of recycled industrial elements for your home or office: Metropolis Living in Toronto.

( I think I need that large number sign for my home)

(and this desk looks pretty cool too!)

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